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A Patch of Skye


Ben roams the mountains with Tipsy, a lame skylark, on his back, looking for Tipsy’s lost balance and his missing gene. Instead he finds all kinds of things that others have left behind. The other sheep are convinced there is something wrong with them. ‘Collecting rubbish,’ they scoff. ‘Mixing with birds. It’s unnatural.’ It is only when a climber fails to return one evening that Ben’s talents come into their own and the other sheep begin to change their tune.

This magical story of Ben, the bird-sheep, is the third book in the series. It will delight all those, adults and children alike, who have already come across a sheep called Skye and her remarkable family and those meeting them for the first time.

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ISBN: 90 76875 04 9
Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 2006
Pages: 99 pp
'I love your books because the stories are beautiful and it's important to know these things.'
Nesta, aged 10
'PS Can a sheep marry?
PPS Will you write another one?'
'Dear Skye, your book is cool and very funny. I hope that you will write lots more.'
Iris aged 10.