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A Sheep called Skye


Skye is used to being different. She never knew her mother and was brought up on a Bed and Breakfast. But she longs to discover the place where someone like her, a sheep who doesn’t feel like a sheep, belongs. So she turns herself into a tourist attraction, selling scarves and tea-towels in windy car parks. Her ambition is to become a souvenir and live on a mantelpiece. Until she discovers a secret that changes everything…

Internationally acclaimed, this funny and original story is as much for adults as for children. Indeed for anyone with an ear for the bleat of a special sheep and an eye for the beauty of the island that bears her name.

In 2007 the National Theatre of Scotland commissioned Nicola McCartney to produce a stage version of A Sheep called Skye, which toured around Scotland. For more information, photos and childrens’ reviews click here.

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ISBN: 90 76875 01 4
Format: Hardback
Publication Date: June 2000
Pages: 103 pp

A Sheep called Skye has also been translated into Dutch. For more information or to buy Het Eiland van de Nevelen, please contact us.
'Harris has, in an almost fairy-tale way, interpreted a feeling that many in our present-day society experience: the feeling of being left out of the ‘flock’, being different from the others and yet knowing that somewhere a place exists for you. She tells about this simple and at the same time complex truth in a clear, witty, restrained way …'   Gaston Durnez, De Bond

'It's truly a beautiful book.'   Caroline Hübner, Bakermat publishers

'I have to say I read the book in one go. I was particularly moved by the simplicity with which an important message was conveyed.'   Bert Vermeulen, Opkikker Magazine

'Through the simple style of language and the fact that everything is seen through the eyes of a friendly sheep, everyone was able to take something away from the book.'   Kirsty Grant , Uig primary school

'This is a book that you can't find twice.'   Maartje, aged 9