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To Skye with Love


Skye and Jacob have a beautiful brown and white daughter called Jacuzzi. They show her all the things they love on the island because they want to share their secret with her. However Jacuzzi has other ideas. She wants to go to England and meet an organic sheep. But a disease is sweeping through the country and thousands of animals are being slaughtered. When Skye and Jacob decide to go and find Jacuzzi they become sheep on the run, fleeing from the disease and the fear it has created. For cars have their petrol stations and people have their inns but sheep have nowhere to shelter. And how will they ever find their daughter again?

To Skye with Love is the intriguing sequel to the much loved and internationally acclaimed A Sheep called Skye. The story of these two endearing sheep caught up in a conflict where love and fear tug at their wool is one which speaks to both adults and children alike.

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ISBN: 90 76875 03 0
Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 2003
Pages: 91 pp
To Skye with Love has also been translated into Dutch. For more information or to buy Hotel Jacuzzi please contact us.
'This wonderful sequel is a wise, captivating book for children of all ages with a feel for language.' Mart Seerden, Dutch Library Service
'With To Skye with Love S.R. Harris has created an exciting sequel to her first successful sheep story A Sheep called Skye … Central to the book is the question how sheep (people) can survive in a hard world with dangerous viruses? The answer is hopeful: relationships and friendships are stronger than exhaustion, despair and fear.'   Ilse Van Halst, Kerk en Leven
'Can one book inspire a whole community? To Skye with Love proves that it can.' Library Guide VCOB
'This story is the sequel to A Sheep called Skye but stands on its own. A beautiful, heart warming and very poetic story with attractive illustrations.'   Inge Umans, Pluizuit