Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of books are they?
They are fables – books about the animal world which relate to the human world. You can enjoy them simply as a story or you can read between the lines and discover another way of looking at the world.

What age are these books for? Are they for children or adults?
These books are for everyone. You can read them to a child of 5 years old, children of primary school age can read them themselves and you can continue enjoying them until you are 99! A lot of the books are bought as a gift to give to someone special.

Do I need to start with the first book?
Each book is a story in its own right so you can enjoy each one without having read any of the others.

Where can I find these books?
You might be lucky to find them tucked away in certain shops in the UK but the best way to be sure to get hold of a copy is to order them through this website. We can guarantee your order will be dealt with as soon as possible!

What do your books cost?
£10.99 each or £35 for four. They are hard back books, beautifully bound with thick cream coloured paper.

How can I pay for them?
You can pay by paypal and we will get them delivered to you as soon as possible to wherever you live in the world.

Any pictures?
Yes. There are twenty beautiful black and white illustrations, drawn by Gill Barrett who lives on the Isle of Skye.

Who is S.R. Harris?
She started writing these stories 10 years ago after spending a lot of time with sheep on the Isle of Skye. She also lives in Brussels because her husband is Flemish and some of these stories have been translated into Dutch and are published by a Belgian publisher. These can also be obtained by contacting us. She also writes about ducks who can’t fly (Vlieglessen van een Vlegel), boys who find cocoa beans in vending machines (Het Mysterie van de Bienoboon ) and a girl who discovers she is special (The Godmother). These books have been the subject of numerous educational projects, both in Belgium and the UK , and she organises writing and poetry workshops and teaches English to refugees. S.R. Harris’ short stories have been shortlisted for the Asham, Ian St James and Bridport prize and are published in Wild Cards, the 1999 Virago anthology of writing women and Making Changes, an anthology published by Bridge House in 2008. She is now writing a novel which has something to do with … cows! But she will always have a particularly soft spot for those sheep on the Isle of Skye.