Everything's digital these days isn't it? Even me!

Posted on: October 11th, 2012 by
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I’m on Facebook, you can meet me on my website, I can send emails and write blogs, my head is spinning with it all. But sometimes I long for something real to hold in my hand and smell and touch and feel. Digital grass isn’t the same as real grass I can tell you, even if you can find it in every shade of green and painted in ever so neatly with Photoshop. You see, it just doesn’t taste the same and I’m still hungry afterwards. It’s like there’s nothing really there. So now that the days are drawing in and it’s getting a little colder I’m so glad I’ve got my real wool around me to keep me warm.

It got me thinking there might be people out there who would like to be sent a real card to put up on the mantelpiece above the fire, to remind them of their friends, to keep them warm during those long dark evenings. So that’s why we’ve decided to launch a special Autumn action – with every purchase you make from our website I am giving away a free card – a real card- that you can smell and touch and feel and that you can write your own message in with a real pen. We have four different designs, each with their own picture and quotation, but inside you can write just what you want, something that nobody else has ever written and that only the person you are sending it to will ever see. How’s that for novelty? It’s amazing really when you think about it, posting something in a red box one day and a few days later it arrives the other end of the world! It’s almost digital!

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