Are you a sheep or a goat?

Posted on: April 10th, 2015 by
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That is the question. Or is it? It’s like saying you have to choose between being clever or kind. Or asking someone if they would prefer to be good or beautiful.

Come to think of it there’s always been a bit of a dispute between these two species and now it’s come to a head with the Chinese New Year. In the Bible I’m not sure if it was the sheep or the goats that offered food to the hungry and visited the prisoners. I would plump for the sheep because goats don’t have enough wool to keep someone else warm, but then I’m obviously a little biased. Not that I’ve anything against goats. They are a very intelligent race who are known to create lasting and loyal relationships with other creatures. In fact some of my best friends are goats. That’s why I think we should work together. Why not mix the wooliness of the sheep with the canniness of the goat? You organise the logistics of the food distribution and turn off those prison alarms and I’ll offer you my coat and go the extra mile with you. With your brains and my wool we’ll have a winning combination. Happy Easter! Happy New Year! Happy new life!

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