Discover what kind of sheep you are this Christmas …

Posted on: December 2nd, 2014 by
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What kind of sheep are you?

  • Are you a sheep like Skye who doesn’t feel like a sheep?
  • Or do you need to get away from the flock and discover new horizons, like Jacuzzi?
  • Do you get taunted for being different and mixing with the wrong kind of creatures, like Ben?
  • Or are you confused like Treasure and need someone to believe in you?

Whatever kind of sheep you are, there’s a story out there just for you, waiting to warm you up.

So why not treat yourself or your friends to a unique present this Christmas? Not available on Amazon! Special offer of £2 off every book from 1st December to 10th January.

(P.S.: How about sending sheep cards this Christmas? Special offer 4 for £5 for a limited period only!)

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