Book Crossing

Posted on: March 10th, 2014 by
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Does anyone out there know what a book crossing is? Well, it goes like this. Someone leaves a book in a public place with a label inside it, explaining that it’s travelling round the world looking for new friends. Someone else picks it up and takes it home with them. They can contact to find out where this book has been and let them know it’s now in safe hands. After a while that book gets left it in a different place for someone else to pick up and so it continues. I guess it’s a little like putting a message in a bottle or sending up a balloon with a label attached.

Well, a few weeks ago that’s what happened to my story! My book was left in the comic museum in Angoulême in France. Maybe it’s still there having a good time with all the other comic characters. Or maybe it’s set off on an adventure all of its own. All I know is that it’s out there somewhere. And maybe one day I’ll get to hear news of it. That’s the beauty of book crossing. So keep a look out everyone – you might just come across a book today waiting for you to take it home and look after it for a while.

If a book should come your way bring it home and let it stay. Treat it as you would your child, then send it out into the wild!

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