In praise of plants

Posted on: October 28th, 2013 by
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Lots of people like telling you what’s good for you but I think you’ve got to trust your own instincts. For example we sheep, when we get ill, we know which sort of plants to look for to help us get better.

Certain plants contain healing properties like tannins and saponins which kill internal parasites and protect us from disease. In Utah there’s a farmer doing research on this by using his fields as a natural pharmacy. He has even penned off part of his farm as a self-service cafeteria where sheep are encouraged to associate bitter tasting medicinal plants with feeling better.

And it seems we may be able to help you humans too. After years of using chemicals in the battle to get rid of giant hogweed, that huge umbrella-like plant that can burn your skin, a farmer in Aberdeen has bought 20 sheep instead. Sheep chew at the plant in its early stages when its just coming into leaf, thereby reducing its spread.

So I’m putting in a little word in praise of plants. It takes all sorts to make a world and it’s no different in the plant kingdom. Some are graceful and golden like the wild iris and others are cheerful and cheeky like buttercups and daisies. Some are delicate like cow parsley or smell delicious like water mint. Some can be poisonous and prickly but others are life-giving and healing. And a nibble a day of the right sort of plant could even keep the doctor away!

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